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The society of Babel - musings

In the original myth of the tower of Babel, the people of the world gather together to build a tower which will reach up to God. This spirit of cooperation is destroyed when different languages are introduced into the world, thus disrupting the plans of mankind.

Driving home today, I think I've decided that the modern version of Babel is not language, but culture. Even in this nation, we've got so many subcultures that can't agree on basic values and mores - never mind the other nations out there. More people = more mutation of ideas, and it's this mutation that hampers us from working together toward a common goal, because the goals aren't common anymore.

If we wish to be great again - if we wish to survive, even - we must somehow determine a single consensus reality, interpretation of reality, and goal. There's too many people who've even rejected the consensus of objective reality.


Fascinating article


Combine this with the fact that a large majority considers themselves "above-average" intelligence, and you probably have the makings of a disaster - a disaster which really will usher in a bloody mess of populism a la the French Revolution, followed by a counter-revolution of totalitarianism.


My old cell # is no more...

It turns out my cell phone was suspended for too long after I ran up that crazy bill on the way to Vermont. *sigh* I've lost that number.

So, if you had my old cell #, it's no good anymore. Email me to get a new one. I'll leave comments active anonymously so that if you only know where this journal is, you can ask me to contact you or something.


Mumford and Sons

I'm impressed.


I has more rats...

I decided to go and get a rat to be a companion to Guinevere. I ended up getting another albino one who I've named Galadriel...and then I ended up being terribly enchanted by this small, probably four week old brown and white one, and I got her...she's Eowyn. I've had them about a week now.

I was surprised last night to find out that Guinevere had given birth. Apparently she was pregnant when I got her, and she wasn't becoming overweight but rather...well, pregant. So, now there's eight little pinkies in the cage being nursed by Guinevere. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them as yet - I am going to resist feeding them to the snake as long as I can, but I also don't have a large enough cage for 11 rats.

I has a rat.

My housemate regularly picks up rats for her snake from the local pet store. This time around, she picked up three and had been feeding the snake about daily. The first two were eaten, but things didn't go as expected for the third feeding. I happened to be around to see that the snake didn't attack. In fact, the rat went right up nose-to-nose with the snake, and survived.

Since it had such chutzpah, I began to admire the little rodent. My housemate didn't need the third rat (the snake wasn't eating it, after all) so...I've got a new pet. I've decided to name her Guinevere.

In reading about rat care on the Internet, I've found that it is best if you have a couple of rats, so they can socialize with each other. I'm inclined to agree, based on the way Guinevere is responding so far. Not sure what I'll name her yet, but I'm most likely going to get one more.
I still miss her, and I wish she missed me.

Nov. 13th, 2009

There's another one, too, with Stephen Hawking.


I'm going

I've decided that, based around the recruiters' advice that in-person interviews are more likely to be positively received and that jobs may be more available as we close on August 17, I'm going to go to Pennsic. Therefore, I'm leaving the area Friday morning. My car's at the shop and should be done by tomorrow, and I'm finishing up my packing over the next few days.

I wonder if the phoenix is a totem of mine. It seems like I've turned to ashes and am in the process of being reborn again. Perhaps I can succeed better in this iteration.


I just finished making a pair of turnshoes for the SCA event this weekend. They're...well, we'll see how they do. They're still wet, so it's tough to see exactly how comfortable they'll be once dried out.

And yet, while I do this stuff, I really...am not a fan of this sort of crafting. Oh, I can be, sometimes, but this involved using a needle, and I hate sewing of any form.

Speaking of which, going to try to make a tunic tomorrow. Then I should be good to go.